A Family Plea


Plea from Family


Rose, I thought of you today, just like every day. I want you to know how much you are missed and that we’ll never give up looking until we find closure. If you are reading this, I want you to know that I remember your love for butterflies and roses, so much so that I got a tattoo of a butterfly just for you. Our life and family isn’t complete without you. We long to hug you to tell you how much you are loved. To make up for the years lost and the time that was taken from us. I know things were rough when we were growing up. We are stronger now and things are much better. We need you back, we need our sister. I want you to see your nieces and nephews, to know your family, to show you off to my friends. I need you. What I am really trying to say is Rose if you are out there please let us know, give us a sign. We need to know that you are ok. We need closure of some sort. Rose if you are reading this, we LOVE you, we miss you, we are trying to find you!

To whomever may have Rose or know her whereabouts, Please let her go. She has family that cares about her. We need our sister back in our lives. We cry all the time thinking about her. We want you to just let her go, take her to a safe place and call law enforcement or have her call us. We need to see her again. We have looked for 27 long years! Please do the right thing and allow her to come home. We need her.
– Laurie
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